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Pixel by Pixel is a weekly podcast about video games (most of the time) and...other things. It's hosted by Patrick Dees (@ptothedees),  Nick Long (@Nick_Long), Matt Ryan(@LaughinMan7), and Evan Endicott (@NotoriousEJE).

We.  Are.  Back. 

At least, some of us are.  And, kinda late. 

Due to some personal challenges and scheduling we’re very behind but back on track with so much to talk about.  So we apologize for the release gap.  Thanks for staying with us.

This past week Evan and Patrick talk about the “JUICE!” & their fascination with “The People vs OJ Simpson”, Marcia Clark’s inevitable lung cancer, and Ross’ emphatic yelling of “JUICE” every time Orenthal is near.

After that we talk a bit about the state of Destiny and how Bungie seems to be in a no win sich right now.  However, a good part of the show is spent talking about indie darlings - Oxenfree and Firewatch.  What worked, what didn't work and how they both should be E-Sports.


Stay tuned after the break to hear Evan and Patrick do a deep spoiler dive in to all things Firewatch.  And it gets very real.  So if you have yet to play Firewatch - change that, come back to this section, and let us know what you thought of that game/story.


Games Discussed:  Destiny, Division Beta, Firewatch, Oxenfree, Fallout 4


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Intermission: Too much talking for any intermission this week.  But the Firewatch theme brought us into the spoiler section.

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