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Pixel by Pixel is a weekly podcast about video games (most of the time) and...other things. It's hosted by Patrick Dees (@ptothedees),  Nick Long (@Nick_Long), Matt Ryan(@LaughinMan7), and Evan Endicott (@NotoriousEJE).

Hey guys we are excited to be back after losing a couple of recorded episodes.

The crew is down to just Evan and Patrick again this week. We know.  We're sorry. Someone please send help for Matty as he is very sick with the Fallout Flu and Nick is out taking care of businaaaaaasss.

But, Video Games folks... they are out.  And when the dust settles 2015 will prove to be one of the greats.

That said, this week we talk a TON about the Fallout 4 echo chamber and why we've elected to work our way through Rise of the Tomb Raider prior to making that leap. Both Evan and Patrick are really enjoying that game and we discuss what a great first impression it makes.

Additionally, we debate a bit about games respecting our time, Destiny and its micro-transactions, Halo 5 thoughts, and why we do and don't end up finishing certain games.

Hope you had “fun” listening this week. Hope it turned out to be a “good” show.


Games Discussed:  Fallout 4, Witcher 3: Heart of Stone DLC, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Halo 5



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