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Pixel by Pixel is a weekly podcast about video games (most of the time) and...other things. It's hosted by Patrick Dees (@ptothedees),  Nick Long (@Nick_Long), Matt Ryan(@LaughinMan7), and Evan Endicott (@NotoriousEJE).

Evan, Matt and Patrick are together this week and joined by Writer/Director Benjamin Arfmann (@barfmann).  We talk about VR, tech in story telling, Pokemon Go and finally we get to Just Cause.  Tune in to see if Matt deleted it from his hard drive after playing it.  Spoilers - he did. 

After the break we talk a bit about Uncharted 4,but eventually we get to a very deep dive on the Masterpiece that is INSIDE.  We talk through the end of the episode in a spoiler free manner.  However, stay tuned after we wrap for a theory filled spoiler-cast section.  "No holds barred"

If you haven't played INSIDE yet - change that and come back and talk with us about it.  

Next week, gang.


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