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Hey guys -

Its Patrick.  The PxP crew has been super busy this week so I decided to publish a sneak peak at the  first episode of the FANcave: The Official Podcast of Project FANchise.  

Long and short of it - We bought and Indoor Football team and we want you, the fans, to run it.  Think a mix of Fantasy Football, Madden Play Calling, and real life football!

You've been hearing me talk about this on this show for some time and excited to share with you our very first podcast.  It wont be airing regularly in this feed but thought to bring Pixel Nation a sneak peak of some of the other  things Ive been up to.

It will be in its own iTunes/RSS feed in the future and Ill be sure to get you those details but for now enjoy and stay tuned for more.


Intermission:  Heathens by twenty one pilots








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