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Pixel by Pixel is a weekly podcast about video games (most of the time) and...other things. It's hosted by Patrick Dees (@ptothedees),  Nick Long (@Nick_Long), Matt Ryan(@LaughinMan7), and Evan Endicott (@NotoriousEJE).

We did it.  2016 is in the books.  And while one could argue that it was a dumpster fire of a year in general it really proved out to be a banner year for games.

In this episode the gang quickly talks about being frozen in carbonite (or as close as Patrick will ever get to that) before getting right in to each of our Top 5 games of 2016.  

We'll be back soon with a look forward to what's in-store for us in 2017 but as always thanks for listening.  We appreciate your support and opinions more than you know.  May 2017 treat you and yours well and and for the love of GOD please play the Objective in Overwatch...

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